6 Biggest Makeup Fails That Make You Look Ten Years Older

Not many women are aware that in the process of enhancing their beauty through makeup, they are, in reality doing exactly the opposite. As women, we all wish to look beautiful. But associating beauty with layered up makeup isn’t the answer. Many a times, it is the same makeup that instead of making you appear younger, actually contributes to adding five to ten years to your age. Here are 6 major blunders, nearly all of us have made or are still in the process of making when it comes to make up:

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Mistake # 1: Layering Too Much or the Wrong Foundation Shade

Both are a makeup artist’s worst nightmares. It is a proven fact that that the less makeup you put onto your face the more natural you look. A too rich or heavy foundation will only fill in your pores and fine lines and make you appear cakey as soon as your skin begins to produce natural oil. A foundation is something that should only be used to hide or cover up any discoloration of the skin. No need to use it on every inch of your face.  Moreover, when choosing the shade, always look for one that matches your skin tone. Not a shade darker or lighter as the goal is to look all-natural and younger and not otherwise.

Mistake # 2: Finishing With Powder

We have seen our mothers and elder sisters doing it in high school, so no wonder we have picked up the same habit. But it is high time you give it up. Finishing your makeup routine with face powder only dims your efforts. In order to portray a younger looking skin, one needs to appear as natural as they can be. For that, the skin needs to emit light naturally. What a face powder does is prevent that inner glow and magnifies the wrinkles or fine lines on your skin. Therefore, like Elsa, let it go!

Mistake # 3: Not Knowing How to Blush

Ladies, it is time you gather round as this is something very important. Knowing what shades of blush to use and where to put it can go either way. The right application can make you look like an effortless goddess and the wrong –well let’s just say a clown for now. So the questions still remain the same. To apply them on your cheekbones or slightly lower than that and what shades to pick? Experts suggest that the right application of blush involves applying it on the highest point of your cheekbones, leaving a significant distance between your nose and cheeks. If aiming to look younger and not older, the shades to go for involve rosy pinks and other neutral shades like subtle peaches.

Mistake # 4: Going Crazy with Black on the Eyes

Instead of doping your eyes all black, try going for a delicate brown and you will thank us for recommending it. Brown tends to look more natural and thus makes you appear younger or the same age. Not older for sure! The same goes for mascaras. Opting for more subtle shades than black, say brown or grey appears softer and more natural-looking.Up to 70% off Best Eye Care Selection (1/13-1/15)

Mistake # 5: Dabbing Your Lower Lashes with Mascara

Not only does it make your lashes look like a raven’s feet, it also makes your under eye circles more prominent, making you appear ten years older than you already are. Lower lash mascara is a big no-no especially if you use a matte or rich mascara. It will only look your eyes more droopy which is something you won’t even wish upon your worst enemy. Keep your mascara limited to your upper lashes only. That way you will look younger and the effect will make your eyes appear more refreshed and expressive. wicked lash mascaras.

Mistake # 6: Straight from the Tube Lipstick vs. Lipstick Applicators

Let’s all blame the actresses and makeup artists in the movies and TV series we are obsessed watching. Pick up any movie that has a girl putting on makeup and you will have the layering lipstick of gloss on her lips straight from the tube. In reality, the makeup artists prefer the completely opposite. They understand that the corners of your lips soften as we age. Using the right lipstick applicators prevent the smudging of lipstick on the outer corner of your lips and anywhere it shouldn’t be. If you don’t have a lipstick applicator, get your pinky finger to work and blend the lipstick with perfection onto your lips.  The biggest perk – you will end up with more lipstick left by the end of the year.

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