Treating Chapped Lips in Winters by Using these 6 Home Remedies

Chapped lips during winters?  Worry not!

Winters are always the merrier times of the year. Waking up to snow covered pathways, wrapping ourselves in layers of clothing, and eating holiday food are some top of the mind reasons which make winters so great. But like every good thing in the world, it also brings with it some uninvited guests. Chapped lips are one of them. As soon as the first snowflake touches the ground, many people suffer from dry, flaky and chapped lips. The constant dryness often results in bleeding and unattractive marks upon careless biting.

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But one doesn’t always have to rely on expensive chap-sticks, lip balms, creams and lip glosses to keep the lips hydrated and looking fresh. There are a myriad of kitchen remedies that have a more long lasting impact. here, am are going to discuss 6 such all natural home remedies to achieve healthier, softer and moisturised lips.

1.     Sugar

Ex-foliating lips with sugar is the simplest yet most effective way to get rid of chapped lips. Take ½ a teaspoon of sugar and mix it with 2 drops of olive/coconut oil. Scrub the mixture on to your lips in a gentle manner for about 3-5 minutes. Wash with normal water and apply lip balm for maximum effect. It will leave your lips shinier and softer than ever.

2.     Honey

Another powerful home remedy for chapped and dry lips in winter is honey. Its anti-bacterial properties, regular application of honey can leave lips feeling soft and less prone to the harshness of the weather. Every night, before sleeping, apply a little honey on your lips to wake up to healthier looking and softer lips.

3.     Coconut/Olive Oil:

Both have proven to be a natural moisturiser for chapped and cracked lips. Applying raw coconut oil or extra-virgin olive oil on lips 2-3 times a day helps in internally healing the lips. The end result is fuller, pinker and healthier-looking lips.

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4.     Cucumber

With all the goodness in the world, cucumber is a vegetable one can find easily in their kitchen pantry. All that is needed is a peeled cucumber. Extract the juice by crushing it and apply it on your lips for 20 minutes before washing it off. Cucumber has anti-darkening agents that will make your lips appear fresher and crack-free.

5.     Lemon Juice

Is there anything that lemons can’t do? The extract is used to make dirty-looking spaces shine like new, get rid of stains, and is also used as a natural skin whitening agent. In this regard, when applied on lips, it helps stem ageing of the skin on our lips which is highly delicate and sensitive and requires frequent nourishing. The practice demands to be repeated more often in winters. Lemon juice helps in the nourishment of lips by making them look healthier. All you need is a few drops of lemon juice. Mix it with one teaspoon of milk cream and let it sit in the fridge for a few house. Before going to sleep, apply the mixture on your lips and leave it overnight. Repeat this for three days and you will notice a change.

6.     Butter

Last but not the least, butter too works wonders against chapped, dry and flaky lips. It works as a great moisturiser for the lips and also brings a long-lasting shine to the lips. Now that you know, apply some on your lips as you settle down for some healthy breakfast the next morning. Daily application will lead to shinier, softer and healthier looking lips.

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