Hair Colours and Haircuts That Will Take 2017 by Storm

Watch out for what 2017 has in store for you!

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Where 2016 will always be marked as the saddest of all years, fashion gurus and stylists agreed that it was a great hair year. Many celebrities rocked the red carpets and galas with their out of this world hairdos and haircuts. We saw Wednesday chop off that bird Harry Styles give away his luscious lock of golden hair, Bella Throne going all navy on hair colour, Rihanna going blonde with a wavy bob and Ruby Rose getting hot pink as the statement hair colour. We gawked at them in envy, tried to be like them but poorly achieved the look, leaving us all depressed as to why we can’t be like them?

But pay no attention to what celebrities are going any more as 2017 is all about personalized haircuts and hair colours. Focusing little on what suits others and trying to recreate the look, 2017 will be all about looking your best in what suits you, say the experts.

Hair cuts

Say Hello to Personalized Cuts:

No one size fits all and that is all 2017 is going to be about. Experts predict 2017 to be the year of real-girl hair appreciation. Not beach curls, not a straight bob and definitely not a combo of both, because the New Year will be about texture.  All you need is for your stylist to pick what goes best with your face shape and voila, it will be your next statement hairdo.

Modern Bangs will be the New Black:

We did see some genuinely good bangs in the past year, but the ones we are talking about will be completely different. No bang will look the same. Long gone will be those days when chunky cuts, side fringes, brow grazing or blunt tips were the hip. In 2017, every girl will be taking a spin of her own on the bangs. We are looking forward to clustered tendrils, blown-out fringes or longer bangs that will look pretty cool.

The Return of the Afro: Yes, afro will become more popular than ever. With varying lengths, shapes, hair textures, colours and sizes, we will most definitely be bidding goodbye to harsh relaxers.

One Shag to Rule Them All: 

The most hyped Mick Jagger hairstyle, which we have already started to see on Chloë Grace Moretz is going to become the talk of the town. A cut just below the collar bone with split bangs and face framing layers will be the easiest yet classy hairstyle to carry.

Hair Colours

As for the hair colours, red is going to reign. Girls and boys are finally going to get over those dip-dyed ombré, chunky highlights and high-contrast roots. A little tint to the eye brows will complete the look. Blondes will be getting a lot less golden by going for a pale grey or white hair colour to match their skin tones. This major influx will be followed by people of different ethnicities, adding their own shades to the mix of 2017’s hip trends. Jet black is also going to appear less boring and cooler. The darkest of all shades will get its well-deserved appraise and look amazing on nearly all skin tones, especially on those who are trying to make a statement.Best Hair Buy Home Page


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