Guaranteed Darker Tan! Use the Following Hacks To Get the Best of the Sun

As soon as the first hot winds of summer visit the town, the only thing on everyone’s mind is: how to get that bronze, gold-like natural looking tan. Some head to artificial tanning places and sun beds and others out in the open to get the most of it. Bronzed body not only makes your skin shine inside out but also makes you appear slimmer. Add to that the benefits one reaps for the sun in the form of Vitamin D. Sunbathing also boosts the serotonin levels in one’s body, responsible to make us feel livelier and happy.
However, whichever way one picks, the sad fact is that tans don’t last long. They get you through a few days or 2 weeks max but not the whole season. Paying for artificial tans is not something that is cheap and neither is going to the beach every next week. It may sound fun but isn’t nobody got time for that! What if there were some ways to make one tan last season? Wouldn’t all of us want that? We would!

Go For The Natural Resource
If you think that you will get tanned at all, let alone in a darker shade, while lying all day in shade, sorry to burst your bubble, but it won’t happen. If you want to achieve a dark contoured look on your body, always choose to lie out in the open. As for preferring artificial over natural, why go for the former when you have to pay for it? You can always get tanned at your home if you find the perfect spot.

Go Beaching
A much better option than sunbathing at home is going to the beach. If you don’t already know, water, sand and snow are all surfaces that reflect UV radiations. This increases the exposure to UV radiations one receives important for a darker tan. The biggest perk, you won’t have to lie all day out in the sun and get tanned in your desired shade only in a matter of few hours.

Use the Right Sun Screen
If you go with a sunscreen with SPF as low as 15, chances are you won’t get tanned, but burnt and if choose a sunscreen with an SPF too high, you will come back looking as pale as before. Try aiming for balance here, really.

Exfoliate: Before and After
You wouldn’t want any dead skin or skin build up to block your tanning now, would you? Always exfoliate your skin before leaving for the beach. If you don’t we can guarantee an uneven tan, which doesn’t appeal to anyone. Exfoliating will open up your pores and the UV radiations will get absorbed better. Moreover, don’t forget to scrub your skin gently after you have gotten your desired tan shade. Just be sure not to get all the Color out by being too harsh.

Moisturize: Before and After
Soft skin will tan faster and better. A night before you plan to go sunbathing, moisturize your skin to make it silky and smooth. Try focusing more on those areas that tend to dry out quick as it may result in an uneven tan. Furthermore, don’t forget to stay hydrated by drinking lots of fluids before going for a tan.

The one worst thing that you can do when at the beach, after all that exfoliation and moisturizing is stay idle! Move as much as you can so that all your body parts can get a chance to absorb sunlight. Indulge in water sports, use your arms and legs so that your underarms and bikini area get an even tone.


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